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C&J Pet Services has been up and running since 2019 being voted one of the three best rated dog walking companies in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 also being rated one of the top dog trainers in 2023 and 2024.

C&J is a duo team with Claire as trainer and Jon as walker. We strive to offer training to help any dog working with the one in front of us understanding a not one size fits all along side structured dog walking with dogs not only having physical exercise but also mental exercise with training elements added in meaning the dogs have fulfilment.


Claire Dog Trainer

Claire grew her passion for dog training when Luna her Siberian husky became extremely reactive and aggressive after trying many years to solve the issues she found relationship based balanced training and the results speak for themselves. Luna at the age of 10 is now non reactive or aggressive and can be surrounded by dogs while participating in group classes and working as a stooge dog to help others overcome their issues.

Claire received a distinction in the canine behaviour training diploma from the centre of excellence. She participated in completek9s 2 month long training course with a full training day at the end. She has completed the Phoenixk9 mentorship program covering every aspect of dog behaviour and training along with the STS K9 MVP program, school of canine science, Pat Stuart the wave tops, the jrh academy program along with seminars, training days and continued professional development. 

Claire trains at ALE Canine Solutions on a Saturday running group class that fills weekly and has become a firm favourite with attendees.

Claire offers 1-2-1 training, day training, intensive training, walk&trains, group classes and more.










Jon Dog walker

Jon is the head dog walker in our team he runs the group walks getting the dogs out for their daily walks in well put together groups transported to different locations each day while keeping structure and elements of training in each walk.

Jon fellow owner to Luna and also Elwood the Husky cross Labrador grew up with dogs and enjoys spending his time walking each dog trusted to be in our care. 


Paige runs her own company PSK9 along side C&J pet services working in partnership with us. Paige has a huge passion for training shadowing group classes,1-2-1s all while training her own golden retriever Maggie. Paige is the perfect addition to the team.

Paige can be found on Facebook 

ALE Canine Solutions 

Claire works closely alongside the team at ALE Canine solutions running group classes along with 1-2-1 sessions at their private training ground.

ALE can be found at



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